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teverone menu

Our gastronomic proposals will also thrill your palate.

Ingredients selected from the excellence of Alpago with game meat in the center.

We also take care of younger guests, large groups and we offer particular attention to vegans and celiacs with dedicated dishes.

to start


Fried pizza disc stuffed with:

gluten-free pizza and wholemeal dough

At Teverone you can also enjoy gluten-free and wholemeal pizzas.

GLUTEN FREE pizzas are prepared and baked in the oven separately from other pizzas.

weekend around pizza

 Minimum 4 people
Available on Friday evenings
Complimentary welcome snacks

 Notify the waiter immediately if you have
intolerances, allergies or unwanted foods!
To ask for a new pizza, turn it up
green flag; when you don't want any more
raise the red flag.
The pizza will be delivered to you only if the
cutting board is empty (let's avoid waste!)
Drinks included: pitcher of beer or beers
small and soft drinks (first round).
Sweet pizzas are not included in the tour